Learning teaches us what is known, play makes it possible for new things to be learned. There are many concepts and skills that can only be learned through play.” ~ David Elkind

a baby girl laughingInspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach

Each teacher, student, and community is completely different from the next. Because of this, this philosophy will be present in unique ways to serve their individual needs. Our atelier, or learning studio, features custom designed equipment and materials that create a rich environment that honors the philosophy of the environment as the “third teacher”.

The promise of quality classes, small class sizes, and individualization

Within our inspired Approach, the focus is on individualization. We recognize the child as a capable, resilient, strong, whole being. Each child, along with their parent or adult, is able to express wonder and is inherently drawn to discover and learn.

You’ll find that each parent and child class and experience is purposeful and incorporates provocations such as light and reflection, sensory experiences, tactile and authentic material or “loose parts” to stir curiosity. We keep classes small at MIMMO Play Cafe to ensure a focus on the quality of the facilitated learning process. We offer a range of purposeful classes based on each child’s interest and level of growth.

Strong community with shared values

MIMMO play cafe extends beyond the classroom to the community. In addition to the authentic atelier, we have a thriving community of parents and educators who value the “beautiful life”.

We promote the philosophy of the “beautiful life” with our curated Pop-Up shop of locally sourced items; enrichment programs; and workshops for parents in our Family Cafe. In addition, parents are encouraged to connect with one another over a complimentary latte and great conversation.