Reflecting on our newborn stage

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It’s hard to believe that MIMMO started classes only six weeks ago. Since this time we built our family of teachers, parents, community partners and most of all-little ones. This growing community is really what the Reggio Emilia Approach is all about. The core principles involve the role of the adult, the child, and the community.
Many people have different interpretations of who and what we are since there really isn’t anything like us that exists in the area. It’s human nature to want to compare us to something but there aren’t enough similarities to any other program. We say come try different programs and classes until you figure it out. We are evolving and growing new programs and classes all of the time.

We have grown based on the feedback we receive. After all, in order to build a community we need to be reflective of the needs of our families. We want to hear all of your feedback and have discussions that can help us grow even more. We know that parents appreciate a place they can can call a home for their child’s first few years of life and we want to be that place. Let us know what we can do to help achieve that goal. At the same time, we continue to try and find ways to let everyone know we are not just a drop in place for a child to spend an hour. We can be this, but we are designed to be so much more. The relationships we build with our families who come to Playgroup and the relationships built each week are so important to the child and caregiver and we learn so much. Also, it doesn’t happen overnight. It is built based on the a natural pace through the eyes of a child. Our pace as adults tends to be faster and designed to be outcome based. We inherently want to assess each studio session through our perspective only. It’s also hard to get used to a child led environment where the teacher isn’t directing a “circle time” or leading an experience. The studio is designed to be a prepared environment with intentional experiences and “provocations” which are invitations to learn. We as teachers reflect each week, have collaborative planning meetings where your child’s name is addressed in a thoughtful way to build off of the last week. For example, we reflected yesterday that we are definitely ready to transform the studio for the children to become fully engaged again. For some, we noticed they explored all they could and are ready for new experiences.

I know that for those who have really embraced MIMMO Play Cafe as a community and quality place for their child ages 0-3, we are already experiencing all of the rewards that come with this. I think the parents and children are as well. The value that is placed on our approach and dedication and skill that is required to keep children full of wonder and engaged. All of your acknowledgments are fully appreciated.

For adults, I think our cafe is an inviting space, but it can be more. The mom’s nights out have been a success and we look forward to our family cafe connections on Saturdays for members. We will bring in live music, have experiences related to winter such as games and gingerbread decorating and live music. We are offering our cpr and emergencies class which received a great response and hope to offer more adult workshops.

We are excited to create some new experiences and classes for December. In the studio, we have Deep Play Discovery which includes engaging discussions about the approach and how it relates to infants development. Also, how to integrate it at home. Our language of art class is designed to include some intentional art experiences and our music class starts this Wednesday.

Our studio will include our enchanted woodland forest, ski slopes, sensory snow pool, Arctic exploration and more. The care will be serving up hot chocolate with marshmallows and peppermint lattes. We have gift wrap in the cafe if you want to bring in some of your gifts after shopping and join us.

It’s a great time of year to start a membership and become a part of our growing community for 2019. We value each one of you and our mission so much and hope we can find a way to share it with all!

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